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TWU Endorsement List

We did the research, now you decide. 

The TWU California State Conference Voter Guide is the end result of the work conducted by elected TWU Local Union leaders, participating through the TWU California State Conference. The voter guide is intended to help TWU Members make an informed decision about important elections. TWU California State Conference participating Members researched candidates, distributed and reviewed written questionnaires, and conducted candidate interviews before voting to endorse a candidate for public office. 

By completing this process, the TWU California State Conference believes these candidates are the best choice for TWU Members to advance our collective interests of our Union and who will best support the values of our Labor Movement. 


When voting this November, please vote for the candidates that have the endorsement of the TWU, the TWU California State Conference, and organized labor. 

In unity, 



Matt Hettich

Chairperson | TWU California State Conference    

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