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Transport Workers Union, AFL-CIO 

California State Conference



The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) California State Conference, is a labor organization that works to unite TWU Local Unions in California by engaging in community, legislative, and political actions that advance the interests of TWU Members throughout California. The TWU California State Conference is comprised of elected representatives from TWU Locals 200, 250A, 502, 505, 555, 556, and 591. TWU California State Conference representatives meet quarterly to discuss public policy, influence legislation, and help to elect candidates to public office that are supportive of TWU Members and the Labor Movement. Additionally, the TWU California State Conference conducts Member to Member voter outreach and Member voter registration drives to ensure TWU Members participate in the democratic process within the communities in which they live and work. 

The TWU California State Conference encourages TWU Member participation. Sign up to receive periodic emails and text notifications when we have a TWU event or action in your community. Click the link below and follow the TWU California State Conference on social media by searching @TWUCSC on Facebook and Instagram.   


Po Box 1750 Alameda Ca. 94501

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